Green Gardener Program

leaf bulletHow It Works

Gardeners attend the Green Gardener class through SBCC's School of Extended Learning in Santa Barbara or Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria.

The class covers topics on resource efficient and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. The class is held twice per year and is taught bilingually in both English and Spanish. The class format is fifteen 2.5-hour sessions with class and field time.

After completion of the course and a final test, gardeners are issued a Green Gardener card and certificate of completion and then placed on the Green Gardener list (if providing gardening services) which is promoted to the public. The Green Gardener card is for an individual not a company, however the listing will include the certified individual's company name and issued annually with completion of 2 hours continuing education. 

Benefits of Becoming A Green Gardener

  1. Improve the health, appearance and value of landscapes.
  2. Improve resource efficiency and reduce pollution on landscape sites.
  3. Your name and company name on the Green Gardener website and list distributed to the public.
  4. Networking and local business discounts! Click here for additional benefits.

leaf bulletSummer 2020 Class Schedules

Santa Barbara City College's School of Extended Learning
Wake Center, Room 26
300 N. Turnpike Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Fall English Class:
Wednesdays, August 26th - December 12th at 4:30-7:30pm 

Fall Spanish Class:
Mondays, August 24th - December 12th at 4:30-7:20pm 

***All classes are Zoom Videoconferencing***

Vocational ESL (communication skills) will be offered after each class for Spanish Speakers looking to improve their English.

Materials Fee: Free!

Enrollment: Register in advance through the SBCC's School of Extended Learning. If space is available, students can enroll during the first week of class. Classes include Module I and II. You must enroll for each individual module if you wish to take both Modules. For assistance in English or Spanish, please call the SBCC Student Services at (805) 898-8160 or email, or 

SBCC Career Institute Digital Badge: By enrolling in the course, students can receive a Green Gardener Certification of Completion Digital Badge that can be posted on your profile online, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Download the Fall 2020 flyer

Allan Hancock College

Santa Maria Campus, Room K-25
800 S College Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93454

English Class:
To be announced

Materials Fee: $12

Enrollment: Register in advance at Hancock College Community Education or receive registration assistance in person at Community Education (Building S.) on the Santa Maria campus. If space is available, students can enroll during the first week of class. You must enroll for each individual module if you wish to take both Module I and II. For questions in English or Spanish, call (805) 922-6966 x3209. 

Here is a link to a helpful video on how to register for a class at Allan Hancock College:

Download the flyer

leaf bulletGreen Gardener Class Curriculum

Preview what you can learn by taking the course!

Course PDFs        Courses

English  Spanish    1. Right Plant in the Right Place (Watch in  English and Spanish)

English  Spanish    2. Irrigation Management: Water, Plants, and Soils (Watch in English or  Spanish

English  Spanish    3. Irrigation Management: Scheduling and Irrigation Controllers (Watch in English and Spanish)                  

English  Spanish    4. Irrigation Management: Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems   

English  Spanish    5. Irrigation Management: Design and Efficiency   

English  Spanish    6. Fertilizers and Grasscycling

English  Spanish    7. Mulches and Composts: Keeping Greenwaste On-Site

English  Spanish    8. Pruning for Plant Health (watch in English or Spanish)

English  Spanish    9. Integrated Pest Management: Pests (watch in English and Spanish)

                                  *Beneficial Insects (watch in English)

English  Spanish    10. Integrated Pest Management: Weeds

English  Spanish    11. Soil Fertility    

English  Spanish    12. Selling Water Efficiency

English  Spanish    13. WaterWise Landscaping Programs                                                

leaf bulletGreen Gardener Resources

Continuing Education Opportunities
Santa Barbara City College Environmental Horticulture Department

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Classes
SBCC Continuing Education Classes
Allan Hancock Community College - Santa Maria
All Around Landscape Supply
(classes available) 
Aqua-Flo Supply (classes available)
Ewing (classes available) 

leaf bulletGreen Gardener Certification Renewal Requirements  

  • Two hours of continuing education for standard Green Gardeners is required in order to renew and maintain your annual Green Gardener certification.

Options for continuing education hours: 

GG Card Renewal Forms:
pdf smallRenewal Form (Bilingual)                                                       

Submitting your Renewal Information

Mailing Address and Drop Off Location:
ATTN: Water Conservation Coordinator      
Santa Barbara County Water Agency
130 East Victoria St. Suite 200
Santa Barbara, CA 93101   

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